An interface designed to access the main components and can be used to Save or Build your project.


IAdvinstProject : IDispatch


IFileComponent FileComponent - gets the file component

IXmlComponent XmlComponent - gets the xml component

ITempFileComponent TempFileComponent - gets the temp file component

IIniComponent IniComponent - gets the INI file component

ILibraryComponent LibraryComponent - gets the library component

IShortcutComponent ShortcutComponent - gets the shortcut component

IFolderComponent FolderComponent - gets the folder component

IPredefinedFolders PredefinedFolders - gets the predefined folders component

IProductDetails ProductDetails - gets the product details component

IRegistryComponent RegistryComponent - gets the registry component

IFileAssociations FileAssociations - gets the file associations component

IEnvironment Environment - gets the environment component

IMergeModulesComponent MergeModulesComponent - gets the merge modules component

IDriversComponent Drivers - gets the driver component

ISearch Search - gets the search component

IComComponent ComComponent - create, access, delete COM entities.

ILaunchConditionsComponent LaunchConditionsComponent - access system, software and custom launch conditions.

IRemoveFileComponent RemoveFilesComponent - access existing file removal operations or create new ones.


Save() - Saves all the changes done to the project. You can use this method if the project has a location on disk, otherwise, use SaveAs

SaveAs(String location) - Saves all the changes done to the project in a specific location on disk.

Build() - This method builds the project. The return will be a string that contains the build messages.

Rebuild()This method builds the project. The return will be a string that contains the build messages.

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