This component is meant to edit install parameters.


IInstallParameters: IDispatch


String ApplicationFolder- Gets or sets the application folder value.

String ApplicationShortcutFolder - Gets or sets the shortcut folder value.

String PackageType - Gets or sets the type on the output package. Supported values are: "32bit", "amd64", "arm64", "intel64".

String InstallationType - Gets or sets the way the package will be installed.
Supported values are:

  • PerUser - the application is available only for the user who installed it
  • PerUserWithAdmin - the application will be installed per user but requires administrator privileges
  • PerMachine - the application will be available for all the users of that machine
  • PerMachineIfAdmin - the application will be installed "Per-machine" if the user has administrative rights and "Per-user" otherwise

String RebootBehavior - Gets or sets the system reboot behavior.
Windows Installer can determine when a system reboot is required and automatically prompt the user at the end of the installation.
For instance, if the installer needs to replace any files that are in use during the installation, it will automatically prompt for a reboot once the installation is finished.

Supported values are:

  • "PromptIfRequired" - let Windows Installer decide when a system reboot is necessary
  • "Force" - always prompt for a reboot at the end of the installation, even if a system reboot is not required
  • "Suppress" - suppress prompts for a reboot at the end of the installation. If the installer encounters the ForceReboot action, it still prompts the user to reboot during the installation
  • "SuppressAlways" - all reboots and reboot prompts at the end of the installation and during the installation (initiated by the ForceReboot action) are suppressed

Bool PerformRebootIfRequired - Gets or sets the property to make the installer perform any required reboots automatically, without prompting the user.

Bool LimitToBasicUI - Gets or sets the property to direct Windows Installer to display only a dialog with a progress bar showing the evolution of the installation and the message boxes that display error messages.

Bool VerboseLogging - Gets or sets the property of the package to create a log file each time the install package runs. This option sets the Windows Installer MsiLogging property to vp value.

Bool RunAsAdmin - Gets or sets the execution level to "Require Administrator" or it will set the execution level "As Invoker". "Require Administrator" value will change the build package type to "Single Exe setup" (resources inside).


$project.InstallParameters.RunAsAdmin = "True"

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