IEnvironmentVariable : IDispatch


This interface is meant to edit environment variable operation


String Name - Gets or sets the environment variable's name

String Value - Gets or sets the environment variable's content

String InstallOperationType - Gets or sets the behavior of the operation at install time.
Supported values: “CreateOrUpdate”, “CreateOnlyIfNotExists”, “Remove”

Bool RemoveOnUninstall - Gets or sets the option that will make the Windows Installer remove the environment variable when the package is uninstalled

Bool IsSystemVariable - Gets or sets the option that will set the environment variable as a system variable

String UpdateOperationType - Gets or sets the update behavior when the environment variable already exists on the target machine. Supported values: “Replace”, “Append”, “Prepend”

String Separator - Gets or sets the character that will be used as separator for the rest of the value if the environment already exists and UpdateOperationType has value “Append” or “Prepend”

ICompoent Component - Gets or sets the component which will contain the environment variable.

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