ProductLanguage Property

A package has a unique ProductLanguage code depending on the language selected from Translations > Language.

There are two ways Advanced Installer handles the ProductLanguage property depending on the package:

  • Separate packages - each package will have their language, and the ProductLanguage property will be set automatically.
  • Single multilingual package - the EXE wrapper will set the installer language depending on the system language, current language or language selection dialog.

NoteLanguages that don't appear in the list are not yet localized in Advanced Installer. They can be accessed by selecting 'All' from the 'Show' drop-down, but you will have to add the localized strings yourself.

ProductLanguage codes for localized languages

LanguageProductLanguage Code
Albanian (Albania)1052
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)1025
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)1026
Catalan (Spain)1027
Chinese Simplified (PRC)2052
Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)1028
Croatian (Croatia)1050
Czech (Czech Republic)1029
Danish (Danmark)1030
Dutch (Netherlands)1043
English (United States)1033
Farsi (Iran) 1065
Finnish (Finland)1035
French (France)1036
German (Germany)1031
Greek (Greece)1032
Hebrew (Israel)1037
Hungarian (Hungary)1038
Icelandic (Iceland)1039
Indonesian (Indonesia)1057
Italian (Italy)1040
Japanese (Japan)1041
Kazakh (Kazakstan)1087
Korean (Korea)1042
Norwegian (Bokmal - Norway)1044
Norwegian (Nynorsk - Norway)2068
Polish (Poland)1045
Portuguese (Portugal)2070
Russian (Russia)1049
Serbian (Cyrillic - Serbia & Montenegro) 3098
Serbian (Latin- Serbia & Montenegro) 2074
Slovak (Slovakia)1051
Slovenian (Slovenia)1060
Spanish (Spain - International sort)3082
Swedish (Sweden)1053
Turkish (Turkey)1055
Ukrainian (Ukraine)1058
Zulu (South Africa)1077