Project Strings Tab

Project strings are project specific and their localization identifiers are associated with the custom controls or elements added to the project.

ImportantThe information presented in this article can be applied in a similar fashion to Project Strings Tab from Visual Studio Extension Project, Updates Configuration Project, Modification Package Project and Merge Module Project.

ImportantThere are two ways of translating project strings to a custom dictionary and including it into the project. One involves using Advanced Installer's predefined dictionary editor from the "Project Strings" section described below. The other involves manually editing the dictionary file and is described in our Creating packages in other languages tutorial.

Project Strings

In this section you can translate the project strings and save them to a custom dictionary.

As you add extra build languages from the Languages Tab, columns will be added to the grid allowing you to provide the associated translations. To edit a cell simply double click it.

NoteThe project language column strings can only be edited with their corresponding element from the GUI. Use the Go To Row context menu item or press F8 key while a string is selected.

Store changes in dictionary

This section becomes available after a project string is edited (green border). The translated project strings are stored in a custom dictionary to the specified path after pressing the [ Save ] button on the right.

NoteAny strings marked with a green border will not be changed in the dictionary until pressing the [ Save ] button.


This section becomes available if you select at least one additional build language (other than the default project language).

Specify project segments for translation

Pressing the [ Select... ] button will open the Localization Options Dialog and allow you to specify which segments of the project will be translated.

NoteDifferent project segments are available for translation depending on the project type (Updates Configuration project, Merge Module project, etc.).

Generate dictionary for untranslated project strings

Pressing the [ Create... ] button will generate a dictionary containing just the strings that need to be translated into the build languages. Only the project segments selected for translation in the Localization Options Dialog will be included in the generated dictionary.

When translating in another language, Advanced Installer will look for the corresponding strings in one of the specified translation dictionaries. You can add more dictionaries to the project in the Dictionaries Tab.