Folder Redirection Properties

Configure the Folder Redirection fix-up by setting the folder to which the content of a particular installation folder should be redirected to.

All files and folders from a MSIX package are installed in a single dedicated folder (E.g. C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\YourCompany.YourApplication_1.0.0.6_x64__txbqg1fa68h68 ). Files and folders from the project that are located in a system folder (like, for example, Desktop) will be installed in a subfolder of the installation folder, not on the corresponding folder from disk.

It is not possible for a MSIX to install files in other folders(like Desktop). Folder Redirection Fixup makes possible that files and folders from a system folder of the project to be visible to the application as if they were on the folder specified in DiskPath.

ImportantTo find out more about why this redirection is needed, please see this article.

Disk Path

A folder from the disk that is equivalent to the folder from the project.


Redirect to real folder

This option copies the content of the folder from the project into the folder specified in Disk Path. This happens only when the app is first launched. This is useful if that folder is shared with other apps. The files and folders will not be deleted when the application is uninstalled.

Redirect to safe location

This option copies folder from the project in a private folder specific to this package that will be deleted when the application is uninstalled.