Public File Properties

The Public File fixup can detect when new external processes receive a specified file as command line parameter. The file parameter is redirected to point to the Virtual File System so that the newly created process may access the file even when is launched outside of the container.

ImportantSome errors that can be fixed using a Public File fixup might not be detected when tracing the application using the default settings. To fix this issue, you need to switch traceLevels > processAndThread to "always."



Select the target file location.

File name pattern

Set the file name (including extension) that is used by the external process; the value gets interpreted as a regular expression.

Process name pattern

This regular expression pattern is used to extract the file in question from the process command line.

By default - we use a generic expression that extracts the last param of all new process. An expression like notepad "(.*)" can also be used if the application uses the OS built in notepad to open the target file.

For HTM/HTML files the default expression is "rundll32 + url.dll,FileProtocolHandler file:/(.*)".

Keep process inside application container

Use this option to prevent the external process be launched outside the container so that it can then load visual assets, content, or call APIs using the main application identity.

NoteTo learn more about the Package Support Framework see Microsoft's documentation or GitHub repository.