File Redirection Properties

Configure the File Redirection fixup by setting the folder in which to detect changes done to specific file types.



Select the folder from which to redirect, meaning any attempts to access or modify it by the package installation is redirected.

File name pattern

Set the file name type for which to check; the value gets interpreted as a regular expression. For example, the fixup redirects all files with the .log extension from the specified folder path to the Virtual File System.


In this field a base folder destination can be specified. If not specified, the VFS folder under the user's LocalAppData folder will be used.

Read Only

Enable this option to create a copy on access and redirection operation. To prevent changes, the copy should be read-only.


When this option is enabled, redirection operations are not allowed on this pattern match.

NoteTo learn more about the Package Support Framework see Microsoft's documentation or GitHub repository.

Caution!This feature is not compatible with MSIX packages build for neutral architecture.