Programs Tab

Package Definition

In this tab you can create programs profiles associated with the current package. At least one program is required.


This list contains all the programs defined for this package. It contains two columns:

NameThe name associated with the program
Command LineThe program will be executed using the parameters declared in this field

Add a new program

Use the [ New... ] button to add a new program. The Edit SCCM Program Dialog will appear.

NoteYou can not add a new program profile in a predefined configuration profile.

Edit an existing program

Use the [ Edit... ] button to edit the selected program profile. The Edit SCCM Program Dialog will appear.

Remove an existing program

Use the [ Remove ] button to delete the selected program profile.

NoteYou can not delete an existing program profile from a predefined configuration profile.


  • Edit SCCM Program
    Edit the SCCM program settings like general information, requirements, run options and dependencies.