Organization Search Pane

This pane contains the results of the search performed in the Organization tree. You can perform a search by pressing F4 or Shift+F4.

The results can be organized into three categories:

  • Features
  • Components
  • Resources

In this pane you can perform the following operations:

  • Select
    • All - Selects all the items in the list.
    • All with the same type - Selects the items that have the same type as the currently selected item(s).
  • Clear All - Clears the list's content.
  • Move to New Component - Moves all the selected resources to a new component.
  • Move to Existing Component - Moves all the selected resources to an existing component.
  • Move to Feature - Moves all the selected components to a feature of your choice.
  • Share components with Another Feature - Share a component between two features.
  • Properties - This option allows you to edit the properties for the currently selected items in the list. This feature is available for components and features.
  • View
    • Groups - Enable/Disable list groups.
  • Remove - Deletes the selected items from the list.