Edit Features Properties Dialog

This dialog enables you to edit properties for multiple features.

Edit multiple features


Feature Tree

There are three options for the initial display of a feature:

  • Not Displayed - the feature will not be displayed to the user in any dialog
  • Display Collapsed - the feature will be displayed collapsed in the features tree from the Customize dialog
  • Display Expanded - the feature will be displayed expanded in the features tree.

Installation behavior

You can select one of the following install behavior for the feature base on a correspondent install level:

  • Installed by default (Install Level 1 - Typical).
    The feature will be installed by default, on a Typical installation. The user can choose to disable it from "CustomizeDlg" when performing a custom installation.
  • Not installed by default (Install Level 4 - Complete).
    The feature will not be installed on a Typical installation. The user can choose to install it from "CustomizeDlg" when performing a custom installation or by selecting complete in "SetupTypeDlg".
  • Disabled (Install Level 0 - Disabled).
    The feature will be disabled. The user cannot change its installation state. It will not be displayed during the installation.
  • Install the feature only if "INSTALLLEVEL" property is greater than
    This option gives you the possibility to specify your install level. A feature is installed only if its install level is less than or equal to the current INSTALLLEVEL property value. The installation level for any installation is specified by the INSTALLLEVEL property and can be an integral from 1 to 32,767.

You can set the install level based on a condition in the Conditional Levels Dialog. Use the [ Conditional install level ] link to edit conditional install levels.


  • Run feature from the installation source
    The components of this feature that are not marked for local installation will be installed to run from source. This is the default behavior, which the user can change from the Customize dialog.
  • Use parent feature installation settings
    The feature's state is the same as the parent feature's state. This option is available only if the feature has a parent.
  • Always install the feature
    The User Interface of Windows Installer does not display an option to change the feature's state. The "Entire feature will be unavailable" option will not be available for this feature in "CustomizeDlg."
  • The default installation state is advertised.
    The feature will be installed by default as advertised.
  • The feature cannot be installed as advertised.
  • Disable advertise if the target system doesn't support it
    Advertising for this feature is disabled if the shell does not support the Windows Installer descriptors.