Feature Information



This field contains the feature ID. You can generate a new one by clicking [ Generate ] button or modify the existing ID manually.


Each feature can have its own scope. SharePoint supports four different scopes:

  • Farm - the feature will be available at farm level (it will be a farm feature).
  • Site - the feature will be available on all site collections (it will be a site collection feature).
  • Web - the feature will be available at a web site level (it will be a site feature).
  • WebApplication - the feature will be available on all web applications (it will be a web application feature).


Activate during install

When this option is checked, the feature will always be activated during installation. This option ignores ActivateOnDefault attribute.

NoteGlobal solutions can be activated by this option only for Farm scope.

Activate by default

This option sets ActivateOnDefault attribute to TRUE when checked and to FALSE when unchecked. If it's checked, the feature is activated by default during installation or when a Web application is created.

NoteActivateOnDefault attribute is used only by Farm and WebApplication scopes.


This option sets Hidden attribute which determines if the feature will be visible or not.