User Account Properties

In this page you can view and set the user account properties.

User account properties


Remarks associated with the user account.



User account password.

NoteThis password is ignored if you set a password property.

Confirm Password

Confirm user account password.


Property used if you want that password to be set at install time by the user.

NoteIf you set password property you must also create a new dialog where the user will enter the password. You can do that using the Dialog Editor.


User cannot change password

The user cannot change the password.

Password never expires

The password should never expire on the account.

Account is disabled

The user's account is disabled.

Delete user profile folder when user account is deleted

The user profile folder will be deleted along with the (interactive) user account.

NoteThe user profile folder gets created at first user logon and is located under under C:\Document and Settings\<username> on XP or under C:\Users\<username> on Vista or above.

Member Of

You can make user member of a group.

Make user member of a group

Use the [ Add ] button, the “Add” list context menu item or press the Insert key while the list control is focused to select a group using the Group Picker Dialog.

Remove user from a group

Use the [ Remove ] button, the “Remove” list context menu item or press the Delete key while an element from the list control is selected.

Error Policy

Fail if the user already exists

The installation process is terminated if the defined user already exists on the target machine.

Skip user creation if the user already exists

If the defined user is already present on the target machine, selecting this options ensures the user creation operation is skipped and the installation process will continue.

Install Condition

A Windows Installer condition which is evaluated and the result determines the user's installation. If the condition is empty, has a syntax error or is evaluated to true, the user is installed. If the condition evaluated to false, the user is not installed. Edit this field using Smart Condition Edit Control.