User Browse Properties

ImportantThe information presented in this article can be applied in a similar fashion to Group Browse from Users and Groups Page page.

On this page, you can create a new user or group browse operation. This will search the existing users on the target machine and you can either choose to list them in a Combo Box, Check Box or List Box or put the result in a property.

User browse


Browse type

Advanced Installer supports two types of browsing:

  • User Browse - Browses the users list from the target machine.
  • Group Browse - Browses the group list from the target machine.

Form group

Specify in which group present on the target machine should the user browse operation be performed, e.g. Administrators


Display the result into a ComboBox, ListBox or CheckList control

Specify the installer property associated with a ComboBox control, a ListBox or CheckList control which will be populated with the users or groups found on the target machine.

Put the result into a property

Specify a flat property in which the result from the browse operation should be put.


Users or Group Browse can be triggered by scheduling the associated action in the Wizard Dialogs Stage or by directly invoking the action with a published/init event on a dialog.

Run in UI sequence

Enabling this option will trigger the Users or Group Browse operation when an associated custom action will be executed in the installation sequence. To configure the custom action in the Custom Actions Page, press on the Scheduled Action link button.

Attached to an event

Enabling this option will trigger the Users or Group Browse operation when an event is published by a control on a dialog. To configure the event in the Dialog Editor Page, select the dialog and the control and press Control Event link button.