Add Service Command

Command Syntax

/AddService  -name <service_name>
              -display_name <service_display_name>
              -description <service_description>
              -file <file_name>
              -username <username>
              -password <password>

Creates a new service in Services page.


  • -name <service_name>
  • The service name, this is an unique identifer of your service, you should choose it carefully.
  • -display_name <service_display_name>
  • The is the name that will appear listed in the system Services snap-in.
  • -description <service_description>
  • Short description of the service.
  • -file <file_name>
  • The target executalbe file that will be registered as a service on the machine.
  • -username <username>
  • The user account under which the service will be installed. Optional
  • -password <password>
  • The password for the service user account. Optional

Example: /edit MySampleProject.aip
    /AddService -name "MyService" -display_name "Sample Service"
    -description "Service installed by Sample application." -file "APPDIR\sample.exe"