Generate Registration Keys

Command Syntax

/GenRegKeys  <trial_id> -file <out_file> -quant <quantity> -lastkey <last_gen_key> { [-short] | [-long] }

Generate registration codes for your licensing configuration.

ImportantThis option is equivalent with Serial number option from Licensing Page.


  • <trial_id>
  • The name of the trial configuration.
  • -file <out_file>
  • Specifies the path of the file that will contain the registration codes.
  • -quant <quantity>
  • Specifies the number of registration codes to be generated.
  • -lastkey <last_gen_key>
  • Specifies the registration code to start from when generating new serials.
  • -short (optional)
  • Only short serials will be generated.
  • -long (optional)
  • Only long serials will be generated.

ImportantYou can find more information about generating registration keys from Generate Registration Key Dialog.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
    /GenRegKeys Trial -file c:\temp\regKeys.txt -quant 10 -lastkey 80