Generate Registration License

Command Syntax

/GenRegLicense  <trial_id> -file <out_file> -<license_element> <value> ...

Generate registration license for your application.

ImportantThis option is equivalent with User specific customized license option from Licensing Page.


  • <trial_id>
  • The name of the trial configuration.
  • -file <out_file>
  • Specifies the path of the file that will contain the registration license.
  • -<license_element> <value>
  • Specifies the value that should be used for the license element when generating the license.
  • Beside SIGN element you should specify values for all the other license elements present in your license template (ID, COMP_ID, MP, EXP...).

ImportantYou can find more information about generating registration keys from Generate Registration Key Dialog.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
    /GenRegLicense Trial -file c:\temp\regLicense.txt -ID "John Doe" -COMP_ID 1283391941829581