Delete File Association Option

Command Syntax

/DelFileAssociation <program_id>
        -ext <file_extension>
        [-verb <verb>]

This command will remove an existing file association from your project.


  • <program_id>
  • The program ID to remove associated with the specified extension.
  • -ext <file_extension>
  • The extension to be removed. If -verb is not specified, all verbs associated with the extension will be removed.

Optional Parameters:

  • [-verb <verb>]
  • The name of the verb to be removed.


The following example deletes the extension txt with all its associated verbs from the program ID [|Manufacturer].[|ProductName].txt. /edit YourProject.aip
  /DelFileAssociation "[|Manufacturer].[|ProductName].txt" -ext txt

The following example deletes only the verb edit from the extension txt, program ID [|Manufacturer].[|ProductName].txt. /edit YourProject.aip
  /DelFileAssociation "[|Manufacturer].[|ProductName].txt" -ext txt -verb edit