Set Component Condition Command Option

Command Syntax

- feature_name <feature_id>  
- [component_name <component_id>]  
- condition <condition>

This command will (re)set the specified attributes for the desired component(s).


  • <feature_id>
  • Specifies the ID of the feature containing the component(s).
  • [-component_name <component_id>]
  • An optional parameter which specifies the ID of the component for which the attributes to be (re)set. If this parameters is not set the attributes will be (re)set for all the components from the above specified feature.
  • <condition>
  • A condition which is evaluated and the result determines the component's installation

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
/SetComponentCondition -feature_name NewFeature -condition [CONDITION]

The command from the above example will install NewFeature if the condition is true.