JRE Bundle

Here you can select a JRE to be bundled with your application. The JRE files will be excluded from the builds if this option is not being used. This is a very useful option for a Java application, which allows you to reduce the installation requirements of your package. Another advantage is that your java applications will always use the specified JRE and you can easily customize it.

JRE Bundle

NoteIf your package installs a JRE bundle, any Java Product installed by the package will use the bundle over any JRE installed on the target machine.

64-bit JRE Bundle

A 64-bit JRE Bundle can be specified for 64-bit packages or for 64-bit Java Products. The "Package Type" can be specified in the Install Parameters page.

If an x86 Package Type is used, the 64-bit JRE Bundle can only be specified if the "64-bit" Platform is selected for the Java product in Java Product Settings Tab.



In this field, you can specify where the bundle will be placed/installed (you will select a folder in the Files and Folders page).

NoteYou can specify this folder only the first time you select a JRE bundle.



In this field, you can select the location of the JRE you want to be bundled with the current build. The content of this folder will be added automatically in the "Destination" folder.

ImportantBuilds with the same destination folder use the same JRE bundle. If you change the JRE bundled, that change will apply to all the builds that use the same destination folder. The content of the destination folder will be removed, and the files from the specified source folder will be added.

NoteThe files from the JRE bundle are included only in the current build and in any other build with the same destination folder.