Edit CAB Settings Dialog

This dialog allows you to specify a custom CAB size.

Edit Cab Size

Decide automatically

The CAB file's size is automatically computed, depending on the size you have specified for the media volumes. The CAB file will have the volume size if the volume size is smaller than 2 GB. Otherwise, the CAB size is computed this way: the volume size (in bytes) is divided by 650 MB (in bytes). This will give the number of CABs per volume. The remaining space is then equally distributed among the CABs.

Custom CAB size

You have the possibility to specify your CAB size. There are however some restrictions:

  • The CAB size cannot be smaller than 1MB
  • The CAB size cannot exceed 2 GB
  • The CAB size cannot exceed the media volume size.

Fixed number of CABs per volume

You only need to specify the number of CABs that should be contained in a volume. The size is automatically computed depending on the media volume size. When choosing the number of CABs, you should take into consideration that the CAB size is limited to 2 GB.