Generate Registration Key Dialog

This dialog allows you to generate the trial registration keys.

NoteThe registration keys are generated and validated using cryptographic secure algorithms based on RSA public-key signature. The public key is embedded into the licensing library and used to validate the registration key provided by the end-user. The private key is used inside Advanced Installer to generate registration keys.

There are two types of registration keys that can be generated:

  • Short keys - The key consists of 70 printable characters. For example:
  • Long Keys - The key consists of 84 uppercase letters or digits. For example:

There is no difference between the pair keys because they use a different alphabet to be generated and they are basically the same. You can use either of them to activate the product. The shorter one is simpler to be sent to your users. To generate serial keys starting from the last key, in an existing list, you can enter either the short or long key from the pair.

Registration Keys

You have the option to specify what type of keys should be generated:

  • Generate both short and long keys.
  • Generate only short keys.
  • Generate only long keys.

Number of keys to be generated

Specify the number of registration keys that will be written into the output file.

Key or Key ID to start from

You may specify a NUMBER ID or an already EXISTING REGISTRATION KEY to be used as a starting point when the keys are generated.

ImportantBy always using the last generated key you can be sure that all registration keys have been generated only once. If you don't specify a starting key, the keys will be generated starting with a predefined key.

Warning!The generated keys will become invalid when you will reset/change the Public - Private key pair of the generator in the Licensing Registration Tab page.

Saving the Registration Keys

Use the [ Save... ] button. You will be prompted to provide a file name where the keys will be stored. The generated file will have TXT format.