Generate License Dialog

This dialog allows you to generate the licenses based on an editable license format.

Generate License Dialog

NoteThe licenses are generated and validated using secure cryptographic algorithms based on RSA public-key signature. The public key is embedded into the licensing library and used to validate the license. The private key is used inside Advanced Installer to sign the generated license.

The license is generated based on the format configured into the Licensing Registration Options page and in the Edit License Template Dialog.

In order to complete the license generation, you must fill the “Value” column for all license elements.

ImportantWhen generating a computer specific license you will need the user request code. Your user will be able to send you the license request code from the trial wizard Registration page by using the “Request License” link. You will receive the request in the “Contact” email address specified in the Licensing Options Tab page.

Initiating license elements editing

When this dialog appears the first license element editing is initiated so you can directly start typing. If you want to edit a specific license element, you can left-click it using the mouse or select it and press the Insert key.

Confirming editing

When editing a license element, you can confirm the value and continue editing with the next license element by pressing one of the Enter or Tab keys or by clicking outside the editing area. Pressing Shift + Tab will also confirm the editing but will start editing the previous license element.

Into the “License Preview” text area you can observe the license changes as long as you are completing the license elements.

Canceling editing

When editing a license element, you can cancel the changes by pressing the Esc key.

Saving the Generated License

When all license elements are specified the generated license is copied into the clipboard by pressing the “OK” button.

After that you may:

  • Paste the license into the message you are sending to the user
  • If the license includes the ID, keep track of user license ID in case you need to invalidate the license by blacklisting it in future versions