MacOS Java Launcher Properties

Conditional Levels Dialog


Predefined Mac OS application settings like Java settings, files associations and basic application properties are automatically added to the configuration file.

In addition to the predefined options, this dialog allows you to specify any other property that should be added to the Mac OS application configuration file (Info.plist).

Adding new properties

Use the [ New Sibling ] button to create a new property/value pair.

Use the [ New Child ] button to create a new property/value pair as a child of the selected “dict” or “array” property.

Edit a property

To edit the selected property, use the [ Edit... ] button. Right-click any column and choose [ Edit ] to start editing it directly.

During editing use:

  • Enter to validate the value.
  • Esc to cancel editing.
  • Tab, Up and Down keys to continue editing other items.

Removing a property

Use the [ Remove ] button to delete the selected property.