Using this interface, you can edit the shortcut.


IBaseShortcut : IDirectoryMember


IDirectoryMember properties:

  • String Name - Sets or gets the shortcut name.
  • IFolder Directory - Sets or gets the directory in which the shortcut is located.
  • String FullPath - Gets the path of the Advanced Installer project.
  • String Type - Gets the type of shortcut as a string.

String Description - Gets or sets the description of the shortcut.

IFolder WorkingDirectory - Gets or sets the working directory for the shortcut.

String WorkingDirectoryPath - Gets or sets the working directory using the project path.

Bool RunAsAdmin - Gets or sets the run as admin shortcut flag.

Bool PinToTaskbar - Gets or sets the pin to taskbar shortcut flag.

Bool PreventAutoPinStart - Gets or sets the prevent auto pin start shortcut flag

Bool Advertised - Gets or sets the advertised shortcut flag.

String RunMode - Gets or sets run mode for the shortcut. Values you can choose from are: “Normal”, “Maximized” or “Minimized”.

String Arguments - Gets or sets arguments for the shortcut.

IFile Target - Gets the target file for the shortcut.


IDirectoryMember methods:

  • DeleteFile() - This method deletes the shortcut from the project. The object on which this method is called is no longer available for editing.

Icon(String iconPath, int iconIndex = 0) - Set an icon for the shortcut using a file from disk with the path iconPath. By default, the first image at that location will be set but you can set another image using iconIndex.