This interface is meant to specify details about folder removal and overwrite behavior. By default Windows Installer will remove only the resources that were installed by the MSI package. This removal operation is intended to be used for external resources created by custom behaviour.


IFolderOperations : IDispatch


Bool RemoveFolder - Gets or sets the option that will enable folder removal.

Bool RemoveOnlyIfEmpty - Gets or sets the option that specifies if the folder will be removed only if it is empty at the moment the operation will execute or the folder will be removed anyway, no matter if it is empty or not.

IComponent Component - Gets or sets the component which will trigger the folder removal operation.

String RemoveOn - Gets or sets the option that specifies the time when the removal will be executed. Supported values: Install, Uninstall, Both.

String RemoveCondition - Gets or sets the condition for the folder removal.

String OverwriteBehavior - Gets or sets the behavior for overwriting the folder contents.
Supported values: OverwriteOlderFiles if the files from the folder on the target machine are older than the one included in the package, they will be overwritten AlwaysOverwrite the files from this folder in your package will overwrite any similar files already present on the target computer. Usually this can be used when performing a downgrade (install files older than the ones already installed) or for non-versioned files which don't overwrite the existing files. DoNotOverwrite content will not be overwritten if the OverwriteCondition is satisfied.

String OverwriteCondition - Condition when the folder content will be preserved. Condition will work only for DoNotOverwrite overwrite behavior.

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