ISearchIniLocator : IDispatch


This interface is meant to edit search "ini" locator.


String FileName - Gets or sets the INI file’s name.

String Section - Gets or sets the section in the INI file which you want to find.

String Key - Gets or sets the INI file key which you want to find.

uint Field - Gets or sets the number of the field you want to find for multi-field values.

String Type - Gets or sets the way to interpret the value found in that INI key: as a path to a file, a folder or raw data. Supported values: “ContainsDirPath”, “ContainsFilePath”, “StoreValue”.

String Folder - Gets or sets the INI file parent folder path. Leave empty to search on all fixed drives on the target computer.

uint Depth - Gets or sets how deep within the folder's subdirectories to search.

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