Account Settings Tab

Task Account

User Account

There are two types of user accounts that can be chosen:

  • Installed user - This is an account installed by the current package. You can create it under the Users and Groups page.
  • Property based user - This account is present on the target computer.

For "Property based user" type you can specify the account name or the SID of the account under which you want the scheduled task to run. You can also input a group name or the SID of group. (e.g. "S-1-5-32-545" for "Users" group)

NoteGroups or groups' SIDs are supported only for scheduled tasks configured for Windows Vista or above.

Run only if user is logged in

Sets the task to run only when the user is logged on. In this case you don't need to specify a password.

Run with highest privileges

Runs the task with the highest privileges the user has. For example if the user is administrator, the task can run with elevated privileges.


If the target account for the task is present on the target computer you must supply a password for it. There are two ways to specify the password:

  • Predefined password
  • Use a property

NoteYou can not schedule a task to run under user accounts that are not password protected. Also, if you want the task to run under the "System Account" leave the "User" and "Password" fields empty.