File Copy/Move Dialog

In this dialog, you can customize a file copy/move operation. Such actions are presented with this icon File Duplication.

Copy/Move File Dialog

Caution!This operation is intended for files outside the package only. If you need to duplicate files included in the package, you can use a file duplication operation instead.

Source File


The name of the file to be copied/moved. Use wildcard patterns to copy/move multiple files. You can localize this value.

TipWhen using wildcards, leave the "Destination's File" "Name" field blank in order to preserve the original file names.


The location of the file to be copied/moved. Use the [ ... ] button to select the source folder.

NoteIf the source folder is not among the ones displayed in the Folder Picker Dialog you must first specify it through a property based folder. Then you will be able to select it in the picker.

Destination File


The name target file's name. You can localize this value.


The target location of the file to be copied/moved. This folder is set automatically to the folder which contains the file operation.



The component whose install will trigger the file copy/move operation.

Execute On

The time when the copy/move operation will be executed. There are three available moments:

  • Component install
  • Component uninstall
  • Both


Specify a condition for the copy/move operation.


The operation to be executed:

  • Move
  • Copy