File Removal Dialog

In this dialog, you can customize a file removal operation. Such operations will be presented by the File Removal icon.

Caution!This feature should not be used for System folders as it could lead to System corruption.

ImportantUsing this feature for folders containing a very large amount of data will increase the installation time accordingly.

File Removal Dialog

ImportantBy default Windows Installer will remove only the resources that were installed by the MSI package. This removal operation is intended to be used for external resources created by custom behavior.



The name of the file to be removed. Use wildcard patterns for removing multiple files. You can localize this value.


The component which will trigger the file removal operation.

Remove On

The time when the removal will be executed. There are three available moments:

  • Component install
  • Component uninstall
  • Both


Specify a condition for the removal operation.

Remove empty folders

Enable the removal of empty folders that match the specified name.

Remove non-empty folders

Enable the removal of non-empty folders that match the specified name.

You can specify a whole folder to be removed upon install or uninstall from the Folder Operations Tab.

TipThe removal operation is extremely useful when the installed resources are modified post install and would not be removed otherwise.


Execute during package installation

This default option executes the file removal operation during the package installation.

Execute upon system reboot

This option will execute the file removal operation during the system reboot to ensure that files in use can be removed.