Extract Archive Dialog

In this dialog you can customize an Extract Archive operation. The archive will be extracted in the location where the operation is added. Such operations will be presented with this icon:Extract Archive.

File Download Dialog

ImportantThe supported archive file types are: ZIP, JAR, WAR and EAR.


Source Path

The source path of the archive file. The operation will extract the contents of this archive at install time. This is a Formatted Type field and you can reference folder paths or files using Smart Edit Control.

Adding an Extract Archive operation while a file with any of the above supported extensions is selected, will automatically set the Source Path field to the appropriate value. If a File Download operation is selected instead, the Source Path field will be set automatically as well.

TipTo download an archive file and extract its contents at install time, you can configure a File Download operation then add an Extract Archive operation.


Specify a condition for the extract archive operation. Use the [ ... ] button on the right to show the Edit Condition Dialog.

Remove archive after extraction

Remove the archive file after its contents have been successfully extracted.

Remove extracted files on uninstall

Remove the extracted files when the package is uninstalled.

Error Policy

If an error occurs

This combobox sets the behaviour in case the files cannot be extracted from the archive. The following behaviour can be set:

  • abort installation and rollback
  • skip the archive and continue the installation