File Download Dialog

In this dialog you can customize a file download operation. The file will be downloaded in the location where the operation is added. Such operations will be presented with this icon:File Download.

File Download Dialog

TipTo download ZIP, JAR, WAR or EAR files and extract their contents at install time, you can add an Extract Archive.



This is the exact file.extension name as it will appear after installation. The contents of this field can be localized, also this is a PseudoFormatted Type field and you can edit it using Smart Edit Control.

Caution!If the name of the file is different on the server, it will be renamed.


The URL where the file will be downloaded from. This is a Formatted Type field and you can edit it using Smart Edit Control.

NoteThis can be a http:// or ftp:// URL, on a server supporting HTTP or FTP protocols. It can also be a file:// URL pointing to a location on the host machine or local network.

ImportantFor resources that need authentication the format should be : protocol://username:password@DomainOrIP:port/path/filename
Example :

Mirror URL

Specify a mirror URL.

Mirror URL

A backup URL where the file will be downloaded from if the first URL fails. This is a Formatted Type field and you can edit it using Smart Edit Control.


Specify a condition for the file download operation. Use the [ ... ] button on the right to show the Edit Condition Dialog.

Overwrite file if already exists

If a file with the same name exists in the download location, it will be replaced.

Remove file on uninstall

Remove the downloaded file when the package is uninstalled.

Impersonate installing user

Enable this option to impersonate the current user. You can check this option if you want to run the deployment as the user installing the application, not under the Local System account.

Integrity Check

Show error if the file is not downloaded correctly

Enable this option to enforce a checksum check for the file download operation.

File size

In this field, you can specify the exact size of the downloaded file.


This field contains the MD5 signature of the file. After the file is downloaded, its MD5 signature is calculated. If it coincides with the MD5 signature specified in this field then the file was downloaded correctly. If not, the user is notified.

Compute size and MD5 from local file

You can edit these fields directly with the appropriate values or you could use the [Browse...] button to automatically complete size and MD5 fields.

Error Policy

If an error occurs

This combobox sets the behaviour in case the file cannot be downloaded. The following behaviour can be set:

  • abort installation and rollback
  • skip the file and continue the installation