Permissions Tab - Installer Project

This dialog allows you to add, edit and remove permissions for files, folders, registry key and values in your package. You will find it integrated as a “Permissions” tab into the File Properties Tab, Folder Properties Tab, Registry Value Dialog and Registry Key Dialog.

Permissions Dialog


This button creates a new permission for the selected file, folder, registry key or value. You will be able to edit the newly created permission in the popped up Permission Dialog. You can use the Insert key while the "Groups or user names" list is focused to create a new share permission.


Shows you the selected permission's properties and allows you to change them. You can use the Space key while en element is selected, to edit its properties.


Removes the selected permission. You can use the Delete key while an element from the list is selected to delete that entry.

Keep existing permissions

The default permissions from target folder on disk at install time will be preserved and the new permissions will be added on top of them.

Apply to all subfolders

The current folder permissions are inherited by all subfolders in the project.