The interface sets and gets flags, properties, and attributes for a file.


IFile : IDirectoryMember


  • String Name - Sets or gets the file name.
  • IFolder Directory - Sets or gets the directory in which the file is located.
  • String FullPath - Gets the path of the Advanced Installer project.
  • String Type - Gets the type of the file as a string.

String SourcePath - Gets the source path of the file.

String OverwriteType - Gets or sets the overwrite type. Values for the overwrite are: “default”, “always” and “no”. The overwrite type is set automatically when the NoOverwriteCondition is set. When the flag is set to “no” the NoOverwriteCondition is empty.

String SourcePath - Gets the source path of the file.

String NoOverwriteCondition - Gets or sets the no overwrite condition for this file. When this value is set, the overwrite type is automatically set to “no”.

Bool DigitalSign - Gets or sets the digital sign flag.

IFileAttributes Attributes - Gets a IFileAttributes object that enables the editing of attributes of the file

IComponent Component - Gets the component which will contain the file.

VARIANT Registration - Get the object that allows file registration. Depending on the file type, the interface of this object will be IFileRegistration, IFontFileRegistration, IMsmFileRegistration.


IDirectoryMember properties:

  • DeleteFile() - This method deletes the file from the project. The object on which this method is called is no longer available for editing.