IServiceInstallOperation : IBaseServiceOperation


This interface is meant to edit service installation operation properties.


String DisplayName - Gets or sets the name under the service will be displayed.

String Description - Gets or sets the detailed description of the service.

IFile ServiceFile - Gets or sets the source file of the service .

Bool ShareProcess - Gets or sets the property of the service to share process .

Bool AllowDesktopInteraction - Gets or sets the property of the service to interact with the user by showing an UI. This option shouldn't be used for services that are installed on Windows Vista or later (Windows 7, 8.1, 10), because these services' version lack the ability to interact with the user.

String StartType - Gets or sets the way that service will start. Supported values: “Automatic”, “OnDemand”, “Disabled”.

String ErrorControl - Gets or sets the way that errors will be handled. Supported values: “Ignore”, “Display”, “Disabled”.

Bool IsVitalForInstallation - Gets or sets the property of the operation to abort package installation if the service cannot be installed.

String LoadOrderGroup - Gets or sets the group's name to whom the installed service belongs. Leave this field empty if the service does not belong to a group..

String Dependencies - Gets or sets the list of the required active applications or services needed before this service starts. Separate names in the list by [~] (with the brackets). If the service has no dependencies, then leave this field empty.

String Arguments - Gets or sets the command line arguments that will be passed to the service when started..

String Username - Gets or sets the user account under which your service will run. If left empty, the service will run under the LocalSystem account. Any user account must be specified in this form: <Domain_Name>\<User_name>. For local user accounts, use a dot (.) as the domain name: .\<User_name>. For example, the built-in Administrator account can be specified like this: .\Administrator.

String Password - Gets or sets the password for the service user account. LocalSystem account doesn't have a password.

Bool LogOnAsService - Gets or sets if the Log on as a service policy is set for the specified user account.

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