ActiveX Properties Tab

This view allows you to configure COM ActiveX settings.

Activex properties tab


Active X Control

Marks this COM as an ActiveX control.


Marks this COM as programmable.


Indicates that objects of this class should appear in the Insert Object dialog box list box when used by COM container applications.


Specify the 16 x 16 bitmap to use for the face of a toolbar or toolbox button.

Bitmap Path

The bitmap path.

Resource ID

The bitmap resource ID.

Misc Status (DvAspects)

Specifies how to create and display an object, the desired data or view aspect of the object when drawing or getting data.


If no subkey that corresponds to a DvAspect is found, it uses the default value of Misc Status.


Provides a representation of an object so it can be displayed as an embedded object inside of a container. This value is typically specified for compound document objects. The presentation can be provided for the screen or printer.


Provides a thumbnail representation of an object so it can be displayed in a browsing tool. The thumbnail is approximately a 120 by 120 pixel, 16-color (recommended) device-independent bitmap potentially wrapped in a metafile.


Provides an iconic representation of an object.


Provides a representation of the object on the screen as though it were printed to a printer using the Print command from the File menu. The described data may represent a sequence of pages.

Enable Full Page

Register an ActiveX control as a full-frame viewer so it is used as the viewer/player when following A HREF links to a particular media type.


Register the control as the viewer for the specified extensions.

Implemented Categories

Specify the categories this COM implements.


Define a new implemented category by clicking the [ New ] button on the right, choosing "New" from the context menu or pressing the Insert key.


Add predefined implemented categories from the [ Add ] combobox on the right or from the "Add" context menu.

  • Implemented in .NET
  • Specifies that this COM implements ".NET Category".
  • Safe for scripting
  • Specifies that this COM implements "Controls that are safely scriptable" category.
  • Safe for initializing
  • Specifies that this COM implements "Controls safely initializable from persistent data" category


Select an implemented category from the list then click the [ Remove ] button on the right, choose "Remove" from the context menu or press the Delete key to remove that implemented category.