COM Properties Tab

This view allows you to specify the settings of the COM that will register.

Com properties tab



This field displays the COM file to be registered. Use the [ ... ] to change it.


Select the server context from the drop-down list.

Threading Model

Registers a 32-bit in-process server and specifies the threading model of the apartment the server can run in. Detailed explanation of the registration information written is in the following MSDN article.

If you select the option “<Unspecified>” the installation package will not write any information in the registry about the threading model that should be used.


Select the default Program ID associated with this Class ID. The Program IDs are defined in File Associations Page.


Specify the version independent Program ID associated with this Class ID. The version independent Program IDs can be defined in File Associations Page or Registry Page - Installer Project.


Specify a description for the Class ID.


Specifies the version of this COM.

TypeLib Id

Specifies the ID of TypeLibrary describing this COM.


Select an icon that will be associated with this CLSID. Use the [ ... ] and [ Reset ] buttons to do that.


File Type Mask

Specify information for this CLSID.


Select the default in-process handler for the server context specified in the Context field.

NoteIf a LocalServer or LocalServer32 CLSID key appears in the Context field, the value in the DefInprocHandler field identifies the default in-process handler.


If a LocalServer or LocalServer32 CLSID key appears in the Context field, the text in this field is registered as the argument against the server and is used by COM to invoke the server. This field is of Formatted Type and can be edited using Smart Edit Control


Select the feature that provides the COM server. Use the [ ... ] to do that.

Relative path

Specify if the register path is relative or absolute.


Registry path

The registry location where the COM is registered. For COMs defined through MSI Class table this location is read only.