IPatchBuildDetails : IDispatch


This interface is meant for configuring the build process of the patch.


Bool PreventDeletingPcpFile - Gets or sets the flag that specifies if the .pcp file created during the patch generation process will be deleted after the patch was created.

String AdministrativeInstallsFolder - Gets or sets the folder where the administrative installs of the created images will be expanded.

String CacheFolder - Gets or sets the cache folder for faster patch creation.

Array<String> PatchSourceFolders - Gets the collection of source folders from where the patch can be obtained after the installation procedure.

Bool UseBootstrapper - Gets or sets the flag that enables the creation of an .exe patch file.

String BootstrapperName - Gets or sets the name of the .exe bootstrapper file.

String BootstrapperIcon - Gets the source path on the disk to the icon file for the bootstrapper executable.

String BootstrapperCommandLine - Gets or sets the command line for the patch .exe file.


AddPatchSourceFolder(String aNewSourceFolder) Adds a new folder path from disk to the PatchSourceFolders collection.

RemovePatchSourceFolder(String aSourceFolder) Removes a folder path from the PatchSourceFolders collection.

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