IPatchTargetImage : IDispatch


This interface is meant to edit target image properties


String Name - Gets or sets the name of the target image (small description).

IPatchTargetImage UpgradeImage - Gets or sets the upgraded image that contains the target image.

String MsiPackage - Gets or sets the source path to the .msi package containing the product's target version.

Bool IgnoreMissingSourceFiles - Gets or sets the flag that specifies if the patch is built even if files used by the patch are missing from the image.

Bool DefaultLanguageMatchMandatory - Gets or sets the flag that specifies if the default language of the target image must be the language used during the installation of the original package.

Bool ProductMatchMandatory - Gets or sets the flag that specifies if the package used by the target image can be different from the package used to install the application.

Bool UpgradeCodeMatchMandatory - Gets or sets the flag that specifies if the target image's Upgrade code must be the same as the installed package's Upgrade Code.

String ProductVersionCheck - Gets or sets the method that will be used to check the product version. Supported values: NoCheck, Major, MajorAndMinor, MajorMinorAndUpdate.

String ProductVersionRelation - Gets or sets the relationship between the version of the installed package (Installed version) and the version of the target image (base version). Under normal circumstances, these versions should be equal. Supported values: InstalledLowerThanBase, InstalledLowerOrEqualBase, InstalledEqualBase, InstalledGreaterOrEqualBase, InstalledGreaterThanBase.

Array<String> SymbolsFolders - Gets the collection of symbol files (.pdb) generated for PE code files (.exe, .dll, etc) to generate more optimal diffs, thus reducing the patch's size.


AddSymbolsFolder(String aSymbolsFolder) Adds a folder from disk containing symbol files to the SymbolsFolder collection.

RemoveSymbolsFolder(String aSymbolsFolder) Removes a folder from disk containing symbol files from the SymbolsFolder collection.

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