IPatchUpgradeImage : IDispatch


This interface is meant to edit patch upgraded image properties.


String Name - Gets or sets the name of the upgraded image (small description).

IPatchUpgradeFamily UpgradeFamily - Gets or sets the family of the image.

String MsiPackage - Gets or sets the source path to a .msi package containing the product's upgraded version.

String PatchPackage - Gets or sets the source path to the optional patch .msi package pointing to a modified copy of the upgraded installation database that contains additional authoring specific to the patch installation process. For example, additional dialogs or custom actions conditioned on the PATCH property.

String IgnorePackageFiles - Gets or sets the collection of the files that will be ignored when creating the patch. The files are separated by a comma (,).

Array<String> SymbolsFolders - Gets the collection of symbol files (.pdb) generated for PE code files (.exe, .dll, etc) to generate more optimal diffs, thus reducing the patch's size.

Array<IPatchTargetImage> TargetImages -.


AddSymbolsFolder(String aSymbolsFolder) Adds a folder from disk containing symbol files to the SymbolsFolder collection.

RemoveSymbolsFolder(String aSymbolsFolder) Removes a folder from disk containing symbol files from the SymbolsFolder collection.

NewTargetImage(String aMsiPackage) returns IPatchTargetImage Creates new target image from a .msi file specified by its source path.

DeleteTargetImage(IPatchTargetImage aTargetImage) Deletes the specified targe image.

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