Internet Shortcut Properties Dialog

In this dialog, you can edit the properties of a newly created or already existing Internet shortcut.

Internet Shortcut Properties Dialog


  • Name - The Internet shortcut's name. This field is of pseudo-formatted type. You can localize this value.
  • Hot Key - A combination of keys that can be used to open the URL in the default web browser.
  • Component - The component whose installation will trigger the shortcut's creation.


  • URL - The address this shortcut points to. You can localize this value.
  • Shortcut Folder - Represents the location where the shortcut will be placed.
  • Working Directory - Represents the location set as the current folder for the browser, before opening the URL.


  • Icon File - The file that contains the shortcut icon.
  • Icon Preview - this acts as a preview zone for the selected icon and as a drop-down list box. If multiple icons are available, the default icon can be changed by choosing another one from this drop-down list box. To cancel the icon selection, use the [ Reset ] button.
  • Run Mode - Specifies how your default browser will open the URL (minimized, maximized or normal).