Out-of-Process Server Activatable Class Properties

This view allows you to configure an Out-Of-Process Server Activatable Class declaration.



The path to the installed DLL.


Specify a list of comma-separated arguments to pass to the executable.


Specify whether the executable runs as a single instance or can run as multiple instances.

Server Name

Specify the name of the executable.

Identity Type

Specify the activation type of the server:

  • Activate as Activator
  • Activate as Package

Run Full Trust

Lunch the server with a Windows Desktop Bridge token, as opposed to a UWP token.

Activatable Class

Class Id

The identifier of the runtime class in the OS.

Activatable Class Attributes

Define attributes of the class that will be stored in the Windows Runtime property store.

  • New - create a new class attribute
  • Edit - edit a class attribute
  • Delete - remove a class attribute