Application Settings

In this section you can configure how your application handles a declaration.

ImportantThe information presented in this article can be applied in a similar fashion to Lock Screen Properties, Above Lock Screen Properties, Search Properties, Restricted Launch Properties, Lock Screen Call Properties, PreInstalled Configuration Properties, Cached File Updater Properties, Update Task Properties, Camera Settings Properties, Alarm Properties, Account Picture Provider Properties, Print 3D Workflow Properties, Personal Assistant Launch Properties, Print Task Settings Properties and Contact Picker Properties declarations.

Use Application default values

The app handles this declaration as configured in the Start Point section from the Application Details Page.

Application is compiled

This option is for apps using C# or VB and XAML.


Specify the default launch executable.

Entry Point

Specify the activatable class ID. (e.g. "Office.Winword.Class")


Contains command line parameters to pass to the extension. This field is only supported for desktop apps that have package identity.

Application is HTML-based

This option is for apps using JavaScript.

Start Page

The web page that handles the declaration.

Runtime type

The runtime provider. This field is used typically when there are mixed frameworks in an app.

Resource group

A tag that you can use to group extension activations together for resource management purposes (for example, CPU and memory).