Edit Verb Dialog

When a user right-clicks a file, the context menu displays various verbs that provide additional detail on how they wish to interact with the file. This dialog allows you to edit or add a new context menu verb.


The name to display in the File Explorer context menu. This string is localizable using ms-resource.


Stores the unique ID of the verb. If your app is a UWP app, this is passed to your app as part of its activation event args so it can handle the user's selection appropriately; if your app is a full-trust converted app, it receives parameters instead.


The list of argument parameters and values associated with the verb. If your app is a full-trust converted app, these are passed to it as event args when it's activated so you can customize its behavior for different activation verbs. If a variable can contain a file path, you should wrap the value in quotes so it will not break if passed a path that includes spaces. Note that if your app is a UWP app, you can't pass parameters – it receives the ID instead.