XML File Install Tab

File Install


In this section you can specify the installation behavior of the XML file.

You have the following options:

Create file if it doesn't already exists

If the XML file with the given name doesn't exist on the target machine, it will be created with the specified settings.

  • Ignore empty attributes - When the XML will be created the attributes that are empty won't be added to the file

Remove file on uninstall

Select one of the following options if you want to remove the XML file from the target system at component uninstall:

  • Only if it was created at install - The file will be removed on uninstall only if it was created by the package during the first time installation.
  • If the root node was left empty - If subsequent edit operations leave the root node empty, the file will be removed on uninstall.

NoteIf none of the two available checkbox options is checked, the file will not be removed on uninstall.


This field specifies the component whose install or removal will trigger the XML update operation.

Error Policy

Select what action should be performed in case an error occurs during the XML installation:

  • Abort installation - all system changes will rollback.
  • Skip file - the file which caused the error will be skipped. All the changes performed by the installation on this file will be reverted and the installation will continue.

Create backup before updating

If this option is enabled a backup copy of the original XML file will be created before the update operation takes place.

Backup Filename Template - Use # to specify the backup index. This character will be automatically replaced with the backup number when installing the package. The following characters can be part of the filename: . , - , % , ^ , ~ , & and _. Leaving a blank input will automatically default the template to YourFilename.#.back.

ImportantBecause XML file updates may occur during uninstall too, a backup of the file will be created on uninstall as well. If during uninstall an error occurs, a backup of the file will be created (regardless of this option) and the uninstall process will continue.

Warning!It highly recommended that you leave this option enabled, because an unexpected error during the XML update process may corrupt parts of your existing XML file.

Common options

Impersonate installing user

You can check this option if you want to perform all XML updates and operations as the user installing the application, not under the Local System account.