Edit XML Attribute Dialog

Edit Element


Specify the name and value of an XML attribute.

TipThe “Value” field is of Formatted Type and can be edit using Smart Edit Control. Also you can localize it.


Is identifier attribute

In order to enhance the localizing precision of matching elements, you can use identifier attributes to pinpoint an exact element from the file, in case several nodes have the same ancestors. By enabling this option only target elements that have an attribute with the same name and value set here will be considered a match for the update.

TipYou can specify several attributes as identifiers for an XML element.


Specify the attribute update behavior. The following options are available:

  • Create or update - if a matching attribute is found , the update operation will execute.
  • Create only if it does not exist - if a matching attribute is found no action will be performed.
  • Remove - if a matching attribute is found the remove action will execute.

Execute update

Specify when the changes should be applied: at install, at uninstall or both.

TipIf you need to assign different values for an attribute when installing and uninstalling, you can add a pair of attributes with the same name and different values, one scheduled for install and the other for uninstall. You can use the same strategy if you need to create or update an attribute at install and remove it on uninstall.