Text File Properties

The options set here will influence the behaviour of all Replace and Append/Create operations. This dialog will allow you to specify the following options:

Text File Updates Global Properties



This field will contain the name of the file that will be created or modified. It is possible to define wildcards (Ex :*.txt).

ImportantIf wildcards are being defined the "Create" operation can not be used. The "Append" operation can be used when using wildcards.

NoteThe name in this field will be shared with the "Text File Properties" node. For example, if the filename in this field is MyFile.txt, the corresponding "Text File Properties" node from the tree located on the left of this dialog will have the same name.


This field will contain the name of the file which won't be modified. It is possible to define wildcards.

Search sub-folders

The file(s) specified in the "Include" and "Exclude" fields will be searched in all the directories contained in the current folder.

Important The Exclude field and Search sub-folders option are not taken into consideration for "Create" operations.



You can use this combobox to select the component that will trigger the "Replace" or "Append/Create" operations.

Run on

The operations will be executed on:

  • Component Install
  • Component Uninstall
  • Component Install and Uninstall


If an error occurs

This combobox sets the behaviour in case the "Replace" or "Append/Create" operations cannot be executed. The following behaviour can be set:

  • abort installation and rollback
  • skip the file and restore original state

Backup file before performing update

In some cases the operation will have undesired results. It is advised to enable this option in case such an event occurs. This way the file can be restored to it's unchanged, original state from the backup copy generated before the operation took place.

Common Options

Impersonate installing user

Update the file as the user installing the application, not under the Local System account.