Append/Create Operation

The following properties can be set or changed on a selected "Append/Create" operation, available in the right panel:

Text File Append/Create

File Content

In this field write the text information that your file will contain. If the file does not exist a new file with the name specified in the Text File Properties Dialog will be created containing the text written here. If the specified file already exists the content from this field will be appended at the end of the specified text file.

NoteThis field supports Formatted Type and the Smart Edit Control can be used.

ImportantThe "Create" operation cannot be used when wildcards are defined in Text File Properties.


Create file with encoding

If this checkbox is ticked the content of the file will be saved using the encoding selected from the associated combo box. The following types of encodings can be used:

  • ANSI using System Code Page
  • UTF-8 with BOM
  • UTF-16 Little Endian with BOM


  • This option can be enabled only if the "Exclude" field from Text File Properties is left empty.
  • If you use an append/create operation for a .BAT file type, then you must select the "ANSI using System Code Page" encoding type into "Create file with encoding" combo box. This is because Windows command line interpreter cannot parse Unicode or UTF-8 encoded files.
  • The selected encoding will be used only if the file is created from scratch. If the file already exists on the target machine before being updated, then the current file encoding will be preserved.

If the file exists

This option is meaningful only if the defined file in the Text File Properties Dialog already exists. If this checkbox is enabled and the option:

  • Append content - is selected, the text from the "File Content" will be appended at the end of the file, maintaining the current file encoding.
  • Overwrite - is selected, the text from the "File Content" will replace the existent file, using the encoding specified by you above.