SharepointSharePoint Solution Installer

Advanced Installer offers complete Windows Installer support for SharePoint applications. Forget about creating installers for your SharePoint solutions by hand. With Advanced Installer you can do this in just a couple of minutes as the whole package creation process is wizard driven and it does not require manually editing any configuration files.


Use Advanced Installer's unique features to easily create SharePoint Solution installers.

Learn!Create SharePoint Solution installation tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial and see how easy it really is.

Installer UI

Pre-built dialogs will help your users install the SharePoint application the way they want.

  • Target IIS Servers with the dedicated selection dialog
  • Installation log dialog for debugging or normal usage

Complete Deployment Scenarios

Advanced Installer offers complete deployment options allowing you to create the SharePoint Solution installer you need.

  • SharePoint specific launch conditions:
    • Check if Administration and Timer services are started
    • Check if the package is not already deployed
    • Check for user deployment permissions
  • Create installers that support deployment to:
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Deploy included assemblies via Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • Use Code Access Security (CAS) Policies
  • Global deployment to all SharePoint Severs or Target deployment only to specified servers
  • Scheduled or immediate deployment
This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.