How to correctly set the Publisher ID for a UWP AppX

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Professional edition and project type.

The Publisher ID parameters for your UWP AppX are a list of relative distinguished names (RDN) connected by commas. They are taken from your certificate, passed to Advanced Installer, and used when signing your package.

Advanced Installer can extract relative distinguished names from the following file types: PFX, P12, and CER. These are imported in Digital Signature, Software Publisher Certificate section.

Below is a list of relative distinguished names which can be used when creating your certificate. Note that you cannot leave the Publisher ID empty, so you will have to use at least one RDN.

  • DC = Domain Component
  • CN = Common Name
  • OU = Organizational Unit Name
  • O = Organization Name
  • STREET = Street Address
  • L = Locality Name
  • ST = State or Province Name
  • C = Country Name
  • UID = User ID

Loading the certificate - FLOW

Certificate flow

Creating the certificate (command-line example)

makecert -a SHA256 -sv myPrivateKeyFile.pvk -n "CN=TestCertificate, O=MyCompany, L=MyCity, S=MyState, C= MyCountry" MyCertificate.cer -b 01/01/2011 -e 01/01/2020 -r 

RDN parameters

"CN=TestCertificate, O=MyCompany, L=MyCity, S=MyState, C= MyCountry" 

Certificate details

Certificate example